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Caring for you and your Smile



We believe a beautiful smile can brighten your life.  Strong teeth and healthy gums are essential for overall health and well-being. Whether you are first-time patient or regular visitor, you will find compassionate professional care will exceed your expectations.


At Lawhon Dental, our patients are partners in their care. We listen to their desires and work with each individual to create and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Our focus is not only on treating disease, but also on educating our patients so they can better manage their own oral health. 

Gary Eulenfeld

Tina, Victoria and Tanya are so friendly! The waiting room was packed when I arrived, yet I was still seen within minutes. As it turns out, I knew almost everyone in the waiting room. Gotta love  small town life!

Michael O'Neill

I can't think of anyone on staff that is not only top rated in their job but also courteous, goes the extra mile, pleasant in conversation and have excellent ability to develop friendy professional relationships. I know many of their clients and we all love them all. Best dental group I have ever expereince!

Nadia Ramiriz

Tina is the best hygienist and always makes every effort to make you feel comfortable and at home. The whole team at Lawhon Dental is Amazing! The best dentist and dental team in the surrounding area!

What Patients are saying...


To help as many patients as possible enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

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